10 Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks 2022

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If you are planning to head on to a road trip, then it is a must to add one of the best air compressors under $100 in your tool kit. You must be wondering what an air compressor has to do with your road trip, right? Let us make it clearer. Having good-quality air compressors can be of great importance regardless of whether you are going on a road trip and need it to inflate your vehicle’s tires or are at home and want to start a DIY project.

The question that arises here is: do we necessitate spending a considerable amount on getting a suitable sir compressor? No, not at all because there are 100 options in the market with a nominal price. The only thing that’s on you is to choose the air compressors wisely and keep your preferences and the credibility of the compressor in mind.

Just to make your hunt for high-quality air compressors a bit easier, here are some fantastic models, each with a detailed description.

1. Kensun AC/DC Digital air compressor

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

Let us introduce a discussion-worthy product in the range of air compressors. Or simply, you can call it one of the best air compressors under $100 due to its programmable nature and versatile nature. T comes with two power cords that make it a perfect air compressors to use at home and for inflating tires.    

Luckily, an LED light is there to assist you on darker nights while inflating your vehicle’s tires. You can change the pressure with great accuracy with this LED light.   And the thing that needs to be in the spotlight is its 120 W powerful motor that will amaze you at every spot.

It provides 1 CFM at 90 PSI that is perfect for your tire inflammation. Moreover, it comes with a set of nozzles which means you can use it furthermore than inflating tires. Not only this, but you can carry this all-rounder air compressor with great ease, all thanks o its 5 pounds weight.  

  • Portable
  • Superfast inflation
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • AC/DC both
  • The cables may be less convenient

2. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

The most adorable quality in this Dewalt air compressor is its robust built and outstanding body. It comes in a compact and handy size that you can carry around while traveling. The size and addition of a handle at the top make it a portable compressor. And the good news is that you can store your additional tools in the box attached to its side.  

A digital gauge is making it a game-changer product that can fill your tires in seconds.  You will be amazed to know that the pressure will shut off automatically when your tires are fully inflated. Not only the inflation, but you can also use it for deflation purposes.

Luckily, this excellent quality air compressor can be declared as one of the best air compressors under $100 because of its unique and user-friendly features like an additional LED light to assist you in the dark.

  • Amazing quality built
  • Portable handle
  • Additional LED light
  • Only used for inflation and deflation

3. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

Here comes the air compressor with a little divergence or uniqueness; you can use it with a direct battery that means it is easiest to use.  The maximum PSI of this air compressor is 120 PSI which will give you great inflation. What else do you need to declare it as one of the best air compressors under $100? 

The plus point about this air compressor is that it comes with a 10ft long cord that will let you use it anywhere you want to with great ease. A simple air gauge is there to keep the air level in the notice. This robustly built air compressor will inflate your tire quite efficiently and will never confuse you. It comes with a little light indicator that makes it possible for you to know whether the compressor is on or off. You can check our top picks for the best leaf blower gas under $100.

  • Modern and attractive design
  • Light indicator
  • Long cord
  • Only for standard tires

4. EPAuto 12V DC Portable

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

This air compressor marks a prominent spot in the race of best air compressor under 500, all thanks to its construction and ease of use. You will be highly amazed that you just have to switch it in the cigarette lighter socket, and you are all done to using it for your task completion. Best laser light combo under $100 reviews and buying guide click here.

Plus, it is famous for its versatility in that it can assist you in every kind of work no matter it’s inflating your vehicle’s tires or for your sedan and filling footballs. A universal valve connector is a reason behind the magic of this air compressor. Isn’t it a great idea to buy it at such a reasonable price?

The additional adapters and the LED lights are also there to make it a great companion in the darker adventures during your road trips.

  • Portable air compressor
  • Affordable and versatile
  • It comes with a torch
  • The display is a little blurry

5. TEROMAS Tire Inflator

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

Thomas inflator will always amaze you with its outstanding work and meager price. It’s the most simple to operate compressor of time. You just need to turn on and off the compressor by the button on top. And the other button is for turning the light on or off. And to adjust the pressure, you don’t have to go into deep theorems; just modify it using the pressure knob.

The exciting fact is that you can use this compressor on both the AC and DC cables. Isn’t it the perfect thing in compressor? Just take your compressor alongside and use it anywhere when needed.  

Nevertheless, the thing that will amaze you about this one of the best compressors under $100 is that it contains an ultimate flashlight that will assist you at night while inflating tires.

  • Exceptional quality built
  • Great flashlight
  • Versatility
  • May fall easily

6. Portable, 3 Gallon Horizontal

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

Undoubtedly, the best compressor under $100 is here at your service, all because of its exceptional 3-gallon capacity and efficient work. A perfect CFM OF 0.36 is obtained at the maximum 90 PSI. You can efficiently complete your DIY projects and even keep them at your garage for your minimal tasks.

An oil-less pump is added with this excellent air compressors that means you don’t have to work on its maintenance. Superior of all, it comes with a powerful and efficient motor that will never disappoint you even after long work hours using your air compressor.

The position of gauges is exceptionally convenient that everyone can easily read. And we are not finished yet an additional accessory kit is also there to amaze you. Every tool is of prime importance and is making this compressor a versatile compressor ever. Just go and get your air compressor at once.

  • Versatile
  • Powerful motor
  • Ten piece accessory kit
  • No oil lubrication

7. HAUSBELL Portable Air Compressor

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

Are you looking for a cheap and versatile air compressor that can give you complete money worth? Then you are absolutely at the right product. This exceptionally effective compressor delivers 7.0 gallons per minute, all thanks to its exceptional PSI, i.e., 140.

The feature that aids in making this air compressor one of the best under $100 is that it comes with a powerful 9 feet long cord and additional tools that make this compressor a versatile tool that can be used in every project you want to work upon. 

The three nozzles added in its tool kit are helping to make this air compressor effective enough to inflate your tires in minutes. What else do you want in your travel companion air compressor?

  • Portable and handy
  • 9 feet long cord
  • Versatile
  • May catch rust

8. Q Industries 12 Volt Air Compressor

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

The product under the spotlight in the list of the best air compressor under $ 100 is Q industries air compressor, all because of its small size, straightforward usage, and effective results. You can consider it as one of the best travel companions during your road trips because it can inflate your tires within three minutes. Plus, you can easily place it in your toolbox because of its miniature size.

Maximum PSI is almost 150, which means that it will give you an adequate outcome even with the large truck tires despite its smaller size. Along with this, a separate bag is provided that will let you keep your air compressor safe and sound while traveling.

The thing that is superior of all is its nominal price. Though it has uncountable qualities like an excellent quality LED light at the front still, you can get it in almost nothing. So what is stopping you from getting it for your next road adventure?

  • Small handy compressor
  • Powerful working
  • Easy to store
  • Low priced
  • The charging cord may be a bit messy

9. BOSTITCH Pancake

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

You will be a lucky person if you remain successful in getting one of the best air compressors under $100. Because it is the product that is not only bought by hundreds of people but also loved by many of them based on its technical modalities like exceptional tank capacity of 6 gallons and 25 seconds refill only.  

This is not limited to your tire inflammation only, but its versatility allows you to make every possible use of it and get breath-taking results every time. And even though it has hundreds of qualities, it still comes at a nominal price. Isn’t it a great product?

It is a complete maintenance-free machine because it comes without lubrication. But it may be a bit noisy at times, so you have to be unbothered upon looking at its low price. Plus, it is straightforward to talk about the operation, all thanks to its precise construction and buttons placements.

  • High-quality motor
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to use
  • It may be noisy at times

10. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

Best air compressor under $100- Our Top Picks

We would love to introduce you to this pancake-shaped air compressor with a 6-gallon capacity and a maximum PSI of about 150. Collectively which means that it will give you efficient and accurate results. The only thing that may lag from any other best air compressor under $100 will e its weight which is a bit heavier than its competitors.  

The most exciting thing to point out is the low voltage motor that will not make heavy annual bills even after all-day usage of your compressor. Also, you can work with it in all weather conditions with this handy.

Moreover, the other thing that makes it a user-friendly is its straightforward operation. You can turn it off just by pressing the central button. Plus, a safety valve is also there that will avoid the pressure build-up inside the tank. On the whole, if you are looking for a reliable then go on for this one with a blindfold.

  • Oil-free pump
  • 120 V motor
  • The safety valve is there
  • A little bit heavier than competitors

Detailed Buyer’s Guide to get just right

Before getting a low-priced air compressor, keep in mind that it will have many fields lagging over a professional or expensive product. So, you have to be a little conscious about every feature, and before buying any product, you have to evaluate that it is the thing with the correct elements to fulfill your task. However, if you want to get full money worth in the case of your air compressor, then keep the following points under deliberation.


Try to choose the model that is having a good warranty. This will not only give you peace of mind but will let you use your air compressor for a more extended period, as it will get mend by the company after every damage.


Before choosing, keep an eagle eye on the outlook and body of that product because it is not something you will change with the changing trends. Try to go for an all-metal product that is rust and damage-proof. But if you think these models are costly, then at least choose an air compressor with a metal tank and regulator.  


Portability is the most important thing about these air compressors because these are mainly tire inflators that you have to carry alongside. And getting a heavy and oversized air compressor may cause trouble to fit in and show you a tough time to move around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portable air compressor?

By a portable and a primary air compressor, we generally mean a tire inflator. You can carry it along while traveling on long routes. However, that’s not all about these; you can also undergo other essential tasks using these handy air compressors, like completing your DIY project.

Do air compressors get out of the air?

Yes, air compressors can get out of the air after a considerable time of usage, or we may say that it’s totally dependent on your use. Plus, the capacity of your air compressor is the primary determinant.

What does higher PSI mean?

A higher PSI will let an air compressor hold more air in a smaller tank and give you better results than a bigger tank can. That’s why an air compressor with low capacity yet greater PSI can give you a good result as well.


Upon reading our detailed review on one of the best air compressors under $100, you must have got the hint that which is the product that you need to bring home. Just remember the key features mentioned in the buyer’s guide and make a wiser decision, and you will never be disappointed in your investment. Hang around; if you are a person who is always on the go and don’t have much time to make detailed evaluations before buying an appliance, then simply get your hands on our top pick, I.e., DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator, and you will definitely get what you ever longed for while being in your minimal budget.

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