Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy in 2022!

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Is it your baby’s first Halloween? You must be worried about the perfect Halloween costume. But! You don’t need to worry anymore. After hours and hours of in-depth research, we bring you the list of best baby Halloween costumes for this year! Just sit back and choose. But is it really important to buy a baby costume for a day?

Definitely, you have to make your baby’s first Halloween special. If there is no funky, scary, or cute little costume at the scene, what’s the use for a party? Not only will this baby costume make your child’s day memorable, but it will also lighten up your mood years later with cute pictures.

So I think we have established that you must buy a baby Halloween costume. So without further ado, let’s jump directly to the list of cutest little dresses for baby Halloween!

1. Star Wars The Child Costume Bodysuit for Baby Halloween

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Wondering where to find the best star wars baby costume? Well, look no further. The Star Wars store offers you the most authentic, comfortable, and reasonable baby costume for Halloween. To make it even cuter, it is in the style of baby Yoda!

With 100% cotton material and custom, ornate design, this genuine costume just lightens up the surroundings. The costume includes two items: an embroidered beanie and a bodysuit. The beanie has 3-dimensional pointy ears that are sturdy and durable. Moreover, the bodysuit has long tunic sleeves and a soft jersey. Thanks to its fur collar and cuffs, the design looks stylish.
With the affordable size and availability in almost six sizes, this amazing costume proves to be one of the best baby Halloween costumes. Furthermore, each size fits more than one age group due to its spacious inside. This proves quite economical as it can be reused for your second child. Truly a win-win deal.

  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Material is warm and comfy for kids in winter.
  • Innovative designs set your kid apart.
  • One size fits many ages.
  • The hat is not very stretchy.

2. Disney Snow White Costume Bodysuit for Baby Halloween

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

What costume is better for your baby girl than a snow-white bodysuit? Luckily, Disney offers a state-of-art, genuine design with accessories that will just take your breath away. The deal includes a 100% cotton-made bodysuit with front piecing as well as undersleeves and a skirt. The bows and polyester headband are just a cherry on top.

Don’t mistake this costume for simple. The jersey, puffed sleeve, glittery overall, and feminine detailing make it the classiest of Halloween costumes. Thanks to the golden lacing and scoop neckline, the dress will make your baby girl look fancier than the crowd.

Lightweight and easy to put on buttons make it a comfortable experience for your child and keeps them relaxed at long parties. All this with high-quality composition and offered in various sizes for a larger audience. Disney caters to everyone’s needs!

  • Finely detailed design.
  • High-quality material.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t bother your child.
  • Durable.
  • The bow in costume is smaller than required.

3. Disguise Baby Girls’ Cinderella Prestige Infant Cideal costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Disguise has a high reputation for making the best baby Halloween costumes. In terms of Cinderella costume, it doesn’t disappoint either. This baby girl dress is perfect not only for Halloween but also for birthdays, themed parties, and other occasions.

With fancy yet comfortable material, blue hues, and glittery design, this onesie makes your little girl look like a princess. The imported fabric and handwashing quality makes it stand apart from other Halloween costumes. If you are looking for the best baby monitors under $100 click here?

Furthermore, no trashing of sparkles all over your place. Everything remains intact and keeps your child comfortable with a soft inner. The stitching fabric may be delicate; however, with the proper use and washing, it can last for years. You can always use it as a hand-me-down for your second or even third child.

Also, the gorgeous crown is a headband that won’t slip off easily, sparing you the horror.

  • Easy to wash.
  • Crown as an additional accessory.
  • Doesn’t shed any glitter or sparkles.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Stitching is delicate due to the thin fabric.

4. Amscan Baby Little Lamb Baby Halloween Costume for Infants

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Amscan offers this great baby Halloween costume inspired by the famous rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb.” The pink and white furry bodysuit with tutu skirt, hood, and tights makes it a fantastic choice for a winter baby costume. The furry bodice and satin waistband are its most mentionable features.

The cute hood ears and round booties not only keep the head and feet warm but also look adorable. The pink silk bows only add more color to the dress. It is not only a good fit for six months to 1-year-old but is also available in a number of sizes. Top ten best night lights for feeding baby.

Composed of fur and satin, the stitching is light on the baby’s skin. Doubtlessly, there is no other such costume at this price that offers four affordable accessories. You don’t have to run around to mix and match each item separately. Everything is available in one great package.

  • The head ears are sturdy and do not flop.
  • Easy fit for baby car seats.
  • Stitching doesn’t itch your baby’s skin.
  • Four items at the price of one is a really affordable offer.
  • Only best for hand washing.

5. Party City Gizmo Baby Halloween Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Party City’s Gizmo baby costume makes your child look like the real-life Mogwai. The 100% polyester material ensures a warm and cozy wearing experience for your kid. In brown and white hues, the costume includes not only a jumpsuit but also a hood with ears that have a hook and loop closure for quick and easy dressing.

Not only can a child of age 12-24 months wear it, but other sizes are also available for different age groups. The stylish look makes it ideal for all festive occasions in addition to baby Halloween.  Are you looking for the best baby carriers for short moms – you will love…click here.

The unisex costume can be availed by any baby. The lightness of the hood makes it pleasant for your baby as well. Furthermore, loop closure allows convenient putting on and putting off within no time at all. Lastly, it is easy to wash and yet reasonable to buy.

  • Convenient to put on.
  • It doesn’t need an additional jacket to keep your kid warm.
  • Unisex.
  • Headcover isn’t too heavy.
  • The Head hat is the same size, making it difficult for small-headed kids to see.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Boys Hooded Costume Coverall

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

The Disney brand has once again outdone itself in terms of best baby Halloween costumes. The Jack Skellington Costume is classy, scary, yet comfortable for your child. The mixture of cotton and polyester ensures not only comfort but also durability.

Your baby boy child will definitely have the time of his life wearing this zip-up costume. Easy to close and open at will increase its appeal and shows the design is perfect. The composition of cotton polyester created a fabric that is only luxury. 

It is hard to find such a suit in baby size. Even if you do find that will cost you big bucks. But here, you will find it at a reasonable rate. Furthermore, an embroidered hood makes the “trick and treating” look complete. Thanks to machine washing, it is neat and clean for reuse in absolutely no time.

  • Machine washable.
  • Zip design helps in putting the costume on.
  • Classy as well as scary.
  • Economical than custom-stitching.
  • More masculine.

7. Kitty Queen Little Girls French Terry Hooded Long Sleeve Dress

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Looking for an outstanding Halloween baby girl costume? Well, kitty Queen is here to make your baby girl look like a queen. The french terry hooded dress with long sleeves is just the right dress for the winter seasons.

Its vibrant colors of pink and blue not just look cute, but the stretchy elastic at the waist and sleeves makes the dress a perfect, cozy fit. Furthermore, the glitter and screenprint give it an elegant touch. With cotton and polyester composition, the three-dimensional ears on the hood give a monstery yet adorable look.

Easy to wash in a machine and available in several sizes makes it an ideal purchase this Halloween. Why go elsewhere when Kitty Queen offers you comfort wrapped in style? After Halloween, you can reuse it on any occasion on account of it being mildly fancy. Win-win deal.

  • Warm yet stylish.
  • Stretchy material makes it an exact fit.
  • Hood-style is perfect for babies to keep them warm.
  • Available in a lot of sizes.
  • The screenprint and glitter will fade out on excessive washing.

8. Infant Ghostbusters Stay Puft Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Nothing like a great Ghostbuster costume for your baby on Halloween. From newborns to toddlers, the sailor collar with a stuffed shirt and pants just makes your infant’s day memorable. The combination of red, white, and blue hues with handkerchief and ribbon just looks great.   

The style is absolutely genuine and a perfect costume for every special occasion. The material is high quality. It looks heavy from the outside but, in reality, is very light and bearable. The insides are comfortable and warm and easily fit your child due to the stretchiness of the fabric.

And you know what is best about it? It is unisex. Any baby girl and baby boy can wear it. The durability is high, so no need to fear tearing or unfitness. Everything will be in place if you pick the right size, which for your information, are available for 5 to 7 age groups.

  • Unisex fitting for various measurements.
  • Flexible and quick to hook on.
  • Exact movie design.
  • Long-lasting.
  • It may prove too heavy for skinny babies.

9. MICHLEY Unisex Baby Animal Costume Winter Autumn Flannel Hooded Romper Cosplay Jumpsuit

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Animal baby costumes are just perfect for Halloween, and that is exactly what Michely offers you. The panda design costume is flannel-made and is just beyond comfortable. It is not just breathable, but the romper design is ideal for warmth. The 3D hood and double zipper allow easy wear and removal. Also, the design is sensible as it allows quick diaper change.

The sizes are numerous, and you can pick and choose whatever best suits your kid. It can be a perfect fit due to the flexibility of the material. Moreover, the flexibility helps even when your child is growing too fast, as it will still fit. The insides are just that spacious.

Say bye-bye to the washing hassle, as it can be washed in minutes in the washing machine. Furthermore, your kid can have the best baby Halloween and memorable other events that require themed costumes.

  • Perfect for all festive occasions.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Double zipper allows proper diaper changing.
  • Breathable material.
  • The Hood is too big.

10. Cute Little Baby Duck Costume

Best Baby Halloween Costumes You must buy

Stay back, everyone, as the cutest baby duck costume is here to steal the show. This furry little costume in the shape of a duck, with a cute duck-faced hood, is completely polyester. The bright yellow color with loop closure and hooks to close the costume helps quick dressing and undressing.

Almost three sizes are available for multiple age groups. The hood is lightweight yet classy and looks so cute on a baby. 

The best thing about it is the feature of no stretching and shrinking. This means the size will always remain perfect. Also, no need for ironing because your very own costume is wrinkle-resistant hence wrinkle-free!

  • Loop closure for quick dressing.
  • Wrinkle resistant.
  • Feathery and soft feel.
  • Easy removal for diapers and quick change.
  • No tights are included with the costume.


Wrapping it up, it is clear that you can choose the best baby Halloween costume for your child this year. There are plenty of options, and having made your job easy, you just have to pick and choose. No additional hassle. Make an informed decision according to your budget and make your Halloween memorable. Hasta la vista.

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