10 Best laptop for Minecraft under 300 – Ultimate Buying Guide

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Minecraft is gaining popularity day by day so, getting one of the best laptop for Minecraft under 300 is no big deal. It is basically a game that gives the player entertainment combined with development in creativity. This is one of the reasons that this game has almost 10 million players. Plus, the mediocre graphics of this wonderful game allows the players to play it on low-budget laptops, which are under $300. 

 But wait! Keep one thing in mind low on a budget doesn’t mean that you can also go with a low-power pc. This game requires a laptop with high power settings with at least 2 GB RAM and minimum 1080 pixels resolution. Along with this, if you want to run your game smoothly, then make sure that you are choosing a laptop with a decent processor. This makes sure that your laptop doesn’t heat up.  Let’s dig into the list of top-rated laptops under 300.

1. Dell I3565-A453BLK-PUS Laptop

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

Dell has always remained successful in gaining a good reputation in making gaming laptops. The same is the case this time with Dell I3565. This laptop is enriched with wonderful features yet comes at an affordable price. It is basically a 7th generation laptop with a dual-core processor that makes it a suitable choice for Minecraft players.

Integrated AMD Radeon graphics card is there to support your game in quite a smooth manner. And luckily, you can keep any of your data on this laptop; all thanks to its 500 GB hard drive. 

15.6 inches wide LED screen is there to provide you with a fuller gaming experience. Along with this, you can easily connect the external devices to your laptop as it contains multiple ports. And the top quality of this laptop is that it includes built-in MAXX audio speakers. Collectively these features are enough to add this laptop in the range of best laptop for Minecraft under 300.

  • Good for regular programs
  • Good storage
  • Amazing graphics
  • Large display
  • A little slower as compared to competitors

2. HP 14in High-Performance Laptop for Minecraft

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

No doubt that a gaming laptop with a low price will have mediocre features, but this one is the perfect quality laptop for playing Minecraft and is still on a low budget. It is configured with the Ryzen 3 processor that will give you a unique experience in gaming. Plus, the 4 GB combined with the storage of about 128ssd is enough to make it one of the best laptop for Minecraft under 300. Best watches for men under $100 top picks and ultimate guide.

The 14-inch display of this slim and portable laptop will give you an amazing and enjoyable gaming time. It has an average battery backup, so you need to carry your charger along. Not only in gaming, but you can also use this laptop for streaming purposes as it contains a clear webcam. Not only this, but an integrated microphone is also there. 

Now comes the connectivity configuration, which you can call more than enough in this laptop. It can easily cope with regular broadband and give you smooth connectivity while gaming. Overall we can say that this laptop is your perfect Minecraft playing partner.

  • Amazing quality built
  • Wonderful processor
  • Built-in microphone
  • Relatively low memory

3. ASUS Laptop L406 Thin and Light Laptop, 14” HD Display

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are a person who wants a perfect-looking yet accurately working laptop for gaming, then this ASUS creation is for you. The intel Celestron processor of this laptop and UHD 600 graphics card collectively are enough to make your Minecraft playing experience worthwhile.  

Fourteen inches HD screen combined with the ultra-slim and stylish body makes it an attractive and perfect laptop for daily usage. We are not done yet; the 4 GB RAM combined with the 64 GD SSD is also there to amaze you while playing Minecraft.  

Sufficient connectivity ports combined with the WIFI availability are there that will let you play mine craft effectively with smooth connectivity.  And if we look at the battery of this one of the best laptop for Minecraft under 300, then you will be amazed because it has a 12 hours battery time. Not only this, but it will charge in half time as compared to other models.

  • Modern modular design
  • 14 inches display
  • Added battery timing
  • Graphics are average
  • Needs external storage

4. ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

This laptop is the winner in the range of the best laptop for Minecraft under 300, all thanks to its low price. Not only the price but the effective quality built and the specifications are also there to convince you at once. With the Intel Celeron N4000 processor with UHD 600 graphics, this laptop runs your regular Minecraft version with great accuracy and will never disappoint you. 

It will operate your games and other programs smoothly, all because of its 4GB RAM combined with 64 GB SSD. You also have an option to add external storage (if required).  Although the screen size is smaller as compared to other models, it will provide you with an excellent resolution.

This laptop also provides the users with a breathtaking communication experience with the perfectly designed built-in webcam. Also, this laptop becomes the winner in the race of low-cost laptops because of its unique and well-balanced features combined with the availability of WIFI 5. 

  • Portable and handy
  • Long battery life
  • Exceptionally low price
  • Low internal storage

5. HP Elitebook 8470p laptop for Minecraft – Core i5

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

If your only concern to a laptop is its specifications regardless of shape and outlook, then this laptop can do wonders for you. Even in this low price range, this laptop allows you to play the JAVA script version of Minecraft with great accuracy. Not only this, but this miraculous yet affordable laptop marks its spot in the range of best laptop for Minecraft under 300 by allowing you to run heavier programs like Adode as well. 

Additionally, the Core i5 processor is added to make your overall experience smooth and memorable. Intel HD 400 graphics are there, which are more than exceptional for playing the JAVA script Minecraft as well. Wait, we are not done yet; this laptop also has 8GB RAM to amaze you.  

When it comes to the memory of this wonderful laptop, it will keep you amazed because it has 128 GB built-in memory, which you can call the best memory in this range. 

  • Exceptional processor
  • Great memory and storage
  • Strong and durable
  • Not handy and stylish

6. Acer Aspire E 15

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

Here comes a great laptop with a great outlook yet perfect built-in qualities. You can call this laptop one of the best laptop for Minecraft under 300, all because of its amazing corei3 processor.  This processor is as effective as the newly coming 5th generation processors are. You can play the basic Minecraft on this laptop and enjoy it to the top verge.

Intel UHD 620 graphics card is added to this laptop to make your gaming experience enjoyable and smooth. We are not finished yet because this laptop has a bucket full of features to mention, like its 6 GB RAM. Isn’t it an exciting thing in a low-budget laptop? 

Another amazing feature to mention is its Ultra HD screen resolution that will amaze you every time you head-on to play games or watch movies. On the whole, this laptop is the must to buy option in this range.

  • Handsome 6 GB RAM
  • Great quality processor
  • HD resolution
  • a little higher price as compared to competitors

7. Acer Nitro 5 AN515

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you looking for a gaming laptop with the perfect processor but are low on budget? Then no need to worry anymore because here is our beast that will fulfill your gaming demands with the intel core I 5 processor and will not require you to spend a bucket full of money. 

A perfect gaming laptop with 15.6 inches displays that will keep you stunned with the ultra-clear screen resolution during every game. Not only this, but the GTX 1650 graphics processor is added to boost up the game graphics on your screen and give you an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Along with all these wonderful features, it comes with a breathtaking RAM of 8GB that is promising to make your gaming time enjoyable and smooth. So, on the whole, we can call this laptop one of the best laptops for Minecraft under 300. 

  • Provides with smoother gaming experience
  • No noise production
  • Sleek design
  • Heavier than the competitors

8. Lenovo IdeaPad

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

A great reputation is earned by this gaming laptop on the basis of brilliant construction and ravishing features. MD A6-7310 Quad-Core processor is added to this laptop to improve your overall gaming and surfing experience. Along with this, the feature that is contributing to making this laptop one of the best laptops for Minecraft under 300 is its graphics card, i.e., the Radeon R4 graphics card.

A 4GB RAM combined with the 500 SSD is there to amaze you and make your whole gaming time as enjoyable as possible. Not only this, but you can store your valuable data on this laptop, all thanks to its significant internal storage.

Besides this, it comes with a great screen resolution and has all sorts of ports that you will ever need while gaming or doing your work on this laptop. And the unique quality of this laptop is the backlit display to give a soothing effect to your eyes while gaming. Collectively, you can go for this gaming laptop with a blindfold.

  • Great screen resolution
  • Backlit screen
  • Great processor
  • Large internal memory
  • Battery life is relatively low

9. MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX -615 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

Getting a well-featured yet inexpensive gaming laptop is a dream for everyone. But with MSIGF63, your dream has become a reality. This is a sleek and stylish laptop that is packed with features and has a remarkable gaming performance. Its 6th generation intel core i7 processor is there to do this all for you while playing the JAVA and basic version of Minecraft. 

If we call it one of the best laptops for Minecraft under 300, then there will be nothing wrong with it, all thanks to its exceptional 32 GB RAM and 256 GB flash memory. Plus, your system will never get heated even after hours of gaming because of its built-in cooling technology.

Last but not least thing that will amaze you in this laptop is its connectivity options. It will let you keep it with external sources via its multiple ports and Bluetooth as well.

  • Incredible gaming performance
  • Fastest processor
  • Great built quality
  • Limited battery life

10. ASUS ROG Strix GL753VD 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

Best laptop for Minecraft under 300-  Ultimate Buying Guide

Let us introduce you to a device that is specifically built for you as a Minecraft player. Every single feature ranging from the 160-degree viewing angle to the intel core i7 processor everything is contributing to making this laptop the best laptop for Minecraft under 300

The GTX 150 graphics card is added to this laptop that will let you play Minecraft with the clearest visuals. The performance is never compromised because of the heat up of the system because of its exceptional quality buildup. Moreover, the RGB Aura keyboard is added to this laptop, making it a top-notch gaming laptop.

Just have a look at the connectivity options in this laptop. The USB and HDMI ports are available for the connection of external devices. Despite of all these unique features, this laptop comes within the low budget range. So, what is stopping you from getting this fantastic laptop at once?

  • Great graphics
  • Durable body
  • A comfortable keyboard for gaming
  • A mid-range battery life

How to get one of the best laptops for Minecraft under 300- a detailed Buying Guide

A least demanding game, i.e., Minecraft. It comes in two variants one is based on the JAVA script, and the other one is the regular one. So, when you opt for a laptop, it will depend on the type of game you want to play. However, the in-demand version of Minecraft is the basic version which will go fine with a low-budget laptop. Let’s see the points that we have to keep in notice while getting a Minecraft laptop under 300.


If you want to get a flawless experience while playing Minecraft, then for the basic version, try to g for at least a core i3 processor and the JAVA script version, at least core I5 is recommended.


With the correct memory, you will get an incredible gaming experience. So, try to choose a laptop that has RAM ranging between 4 GB to 8 GB.

Graphics card

Like any other game, the accuracy of this game is also dependent on the graphics of your pc. So try to choose a laptop that comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD R5 series. With this, you will definitely get a mind-blowing Minecraft experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements of Minecraft?

Basically, Minecraft is the least demanding game. You need to go for a 4 GB laptop that is having a minimum 64 GB SSD and a good quality processor.

What is the most recommended generation of laptops for mines craft?

For getting the best experience in mines craft, try to go for a 5th generation laptop.

On what scrip mine craft is made?

Minecraft has two types one is regular, and the other has an engine that is totally based upon JAVA script language.


Here we looked upon some of the top-rated and best laptops for Minecraft under the 300 range. As we have told you earlier, when you get a laptop for Minecraft, keep your demands and expectations low. As this game comes with mediocre graphics, it will go fine with a 4 GB RAM laptop with a decent processor. Although if you are confused, then you can simply go for our top pick, i.e., ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000 Processor

This system has the ability to fulfill almost all of the requirements for the Minecraft game still comes at a low and affordable price.

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