Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know 2022

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Undoubtedly, with the best riding mower under $1500, there is no need to put additional effort and energy into using unreliable mowers. These mowers enable you to complete the tasks effortlessly and smoothly within a limited time. 

Remarkably, the best riding mower under $1500 is no more an exception with reliability and performance combined. You have to do plenty of research when choosing the right model. From mower size to power and performance, everything is a must consideration. Therefore, look for a mower with exceptional performance and durability so it will work for years to come. 

After getting into many models and hours of research, we have narrowed down ten top-quality riding mowers to help you choose the right one. Let’s get right into our top picks! 

SR NOBest Riding Mower Under $1500Weight Cutting widthCheck price 
1Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Riding Lawnmower580lbs42-inchCheck price
2Husqvarna LTH17538 Lawnmower581lbs13-inch Check price
3Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-inch Riding Lawn Mower335lbs30-inchCheck price
4Troy-Bilt 13A6A1BS066 mower565lbs42-inchCheck price
5Craftsman T135 Riding Lawn Mower502lbs46-inchCheck price
6Craftsman T225 19 HP lawnmower582lbs46-inchCheck price
7Husqvarna 960430212 riding lawnmower491.63 lbs46-inchCheck price
8Snapper 2911525BVE Riding Mower 2691525535lbs28-inchCheck price
9Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton74 Pounds46-inchCheck price
10Husqvarna YTH18542 Briggs & Stratton Riding Mower490 Pounds42-inchCheck price

1. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Riding Lawnmower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

If you want to get the job done conveniently in your garden, this riding more will be the perfect option from the enduro series. You will get to see a Kohler 18 HP engine which will allow you to complete your work quickly in the garden. It has a beautiful design, and you can afford it because it is under the price point of $1500. It has a commercial deck size of 42 inches, and you can keep it out easily to clean the grass collected inside. If you are searching for more powerful best zero-turn mowers under $5000 click here.

It is easy to adjust the cutting height of the blades according to your requirements which makes it a great purchase and value for your money. Isn’t that a great feature to have in a lawnmower? 

  • Integrated built-in headlights
  • Durable and reliable
  • Soft Grip
  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Not much comfortable to use

2. Husqvarna LTH17538 Lawnmower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

This is one of the best model designs by the brand Husqvarna. This one will excite you a lot if you are looking for something stylish to maintain your garden in the long run. It has not only an ultra-modern design but also a fashionable look that is designed only for you. It is very convenient to use, and you can easily set it up without any hassle. You can easily adjust the sliding seat, and it also has the highest seat back, which makes things much more convenient for you. 

You don’t need to worry about having a large space in your home to store it because it is available in a compact size. Another fantastic feature of the LTH7538 lawnmower is its excellent safety mechanism. A cast-iron front axle is attached.

  • Amazing engine
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent speed
  • Premium construction
  • Average weight

3. Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-inch Riding Lawn Mower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

This Troy Bilt lawn mower resin has an incredible engine power of 382 CC, which is impressive at this price point. When reversing this mower, it can easily cut through thick glass without any problem because it has a control reverse system. It weighs 336 pounds, which is why it is very compact, and you can easily store it anywhere in your home without any trouble. 

You can easily use this mower no matter what type of terrain you have in your garden. There are 5 different height adjustments available, so you can make accurate and precise cuts whenever you want. It is one of the best machines you can find in the market for less than $1500, and it is going to be a great package for you.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Super comfortable to use
  • Convenient seat
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Mid back seat

4. Troy-Bilt 13A6A1BS066 mower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

Troy Bilt has many standing features for you because it has an effective power plant and comprises a 547 cc engine. The highly powered engine will enable you to cut through the thickest grass without any problem. You will also experience the pressure for hydrostatic transmission, which is a great feature at a price point under $1500. Doesn’t it sound like a great package for you and the perfect one you might be looking for in the market right now?

 Engine noise is a huge problem, and this one will be slightly noisy. Bye doesn’t change that it can easily cut through thick glass with its durable blades without becoming dull. You will get to see a very convenient pressure sensor.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Powerful engine
  • Comfortable seating
  • Reliable and versatile
  • A little bit noisy

5. Craftsman T135 Riding Lawn Mower

The Craftsman T135 comprises a built-in 18.5 HP Gas engine to ensure that you get the most efficient job done quickly in your garden. It is easy to maintain your garden by using this quick technology. The best part is that you will get to see an expansive cutting deck of 46 inches that is also equipped to trim the grass precisely.

 Overall it is value for your money, and you will not face any problems with it. You can get a comfortable ride with it because of its versatile features and supportive backpack seat. This 46-inch gas-powered riding lawn mower has a great 2-year warranty. It does not be a lot which means it is compact to store.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Compact and reliable to use
  • Gas-powered engine
  • Wide cutting deck
  • No mulching kit

6. Craftsman T225 19 HP lawnmower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

The Craftsman T225 is the perfect lawn mower for you if you want something perfect and a high-powered machine for your garden. The best thing about this loan is that it will give you the functionality you are looking for with easy to maintain features. It is easy to maintain and clean, and that is why you will not have to face this problem with this. 

You will find it a great package because you will get to see 46 inches wide deck size, giving you a safe experience when you are regularly maintaining your garden. It is also valuable for your money because it will help you cut through thick grass without leaving any claims on the grass.

  • Superfast in speed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful engine
  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • A little bit noisy

7. Husqvarna 960430212 riding lawnmower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

This Husqvarna riding lawn mower is the best choice for you looking for a medium-sized machine to maintain your garden regularly. We are going, being honest here, that a large lawnmower is not everyone’s cup of tea, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is going to be a great purchase for you because you can attach additional tools with this machine to collect all the leaves. Isn’t it a great package for you under a price point of 1500 dollars?

 What more could you want from a loan more because it can cut sharply! The anti-scalping wheels will ensure protection and create a question between the ground and the deck. Furthermore, you will see a feature of the hydrostatic transmission system.

  • Super powerful engine
  • Comfortable seat
  • Air induction technology
  • Decent and effective wheels
  • Average headlight quality

8. Snapper 2911525BVE Riding Mower 2691525

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

A Snapper lawn mower is a perfect option for those looking for a lot of features under $1500 in the market. It is an excellent purchase because it will provide manual rope and a key electronic start. You will find it great because you can use the feature depending upon your mood. It is lightweight, which means you can easily store it anywhere in your home without any problems.

 Besides this, there is a deck height of 28 inches which is not a lot, but it is still a very classic riding lawn mower that is going to give you a lot of versatility to maintain your garden daily. It is comfortable to use regularly, and you can easily sit on it because it is very comfortable.

  • 2 starting options
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Decent deck cutting size
  • No height adjustments

9. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

The Troy Bilt 540 cc machine is the best one for you if you are looking for something versatile to maintain your garden regularly. The best feature of this machine is that it will allow you to cut the grass in less than 20 minutes, and you will also be able to collect all the debris in less time. 

The engine is very powerful, and you can also power stones and cut the while growing vegetation on your property by using this machine easily. Furthermore, you will also get to see our reverse mode that will be helpful for you when you are reversing the lawnmower in your garden. Overall it is very simple to use, and it has five different positions that you can adjust.

  • Premium quality headlights
  • 2-year warranty
  • Optional snow blade
  • Helpful and reliable
  • Not much long-lasting

10. Husqvarna YTH18542 Briggs & Stratton Riding Mower

Best Riding Mower Under $1500- All you Need to Know

This lawnmower is specially designed to tackle all the heavy-duty work in your garden, and it is the best one if you are looking for such kind of work and maintenance. It is large and a pretty great purchase for you in less than 15 $100 in the market. Overall, it provides optimum driving control and the foot’s pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, which is a great feature in a lawnmower. 

You will get to see a feature that allows you to navigate the obstacles around you and easily cut through the grass. It is a 42 lawn mower that also includes air-induction technology, which is pretty advanced at such a price point. The engine will provide you with good quality work for a very long time, and it also has a tight turning radius of 16 inches which gives you a lot of flexibility to work.

  • Powerful engine
  • Air induction technology
  • Durable construction
  • Innovative and versatile
  • Headlight quality is not good

Things to consider while buying the best riding mower under $1500

Various top-notch models have made groundbreaking records in manufacturing top-quality riding mowers to help people choose the best one. All models are no more an exception when it comes to design and performance. 

Getting the best riding mower for under $1500 is a daunting task when you have so many top models available. Now, what do you have to do? Don’t worry. We have made it more accessible. Follow up the guide below to choose the right one. 


The first thing to consider is horsepower. It determines the power output and how the mower will work under different conditions. The higher is the horsepower, the more reliably it will perform all operations. 

Fuel capacity

Another thing is the fuel capacity. If you want to do different tasks regularly, check for the fuel capacity. A high-capacity riding mower will perform all tasks precisely and within the range

Width of the deck

Lastly, you have to consider the deck width when making a purchase. The cutting deck determines the grass you can cut with the mower. If there is a smaller area, getting a mower with a narrow deck is an excellent choice. But within larger regions, look for a deck with extensive surface area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a riding mower cost?

Although mowers are expensive to choose some models are budget-friendly and combine quality and durability. The riding mower prices start from $1400 to more than $2000 to help you choose the best one. You can get a piece of completely functional equipment for $1500, and it will include all the necessary options. 

How to start a riding mower?

Most riding mowers come with a push-button and on/off switch to help you start it hassle-free. Moreover, these mowers are reliable and offer easy start-up while ensuring that the deck height is maintained. 


Does your home include a lawn? If yes, a riding mower is a valuable choice to take care of it. Riding mowers blend comfortable and compact designs to offer great service. These are fully efficient and workable to use but ensure to keep your purpose in mind before choosing the best one. 

Choosing the right mower will help you cover additional space. Some mowers are more expensive, so you have to balance cost and quality. We have successfully compiled ten top-notch riding mowers to narrow down your choices. Choose the one that suits you perfectly. 

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