10 Best Small Shop Air Compressor To Buy Before They Run Out!

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Ever wonder what an air compressor is? An air compressor is a mechanical device used to pump gas pressure for various purposes e.g for cleaning valves and supplying gas to points where needed. Every mechanic shop holder dreams of the best small shop air compressor. Finding the right one in a plethora of new brands is tough. But guess what, we are here to your rescue. After careful analysis of top air compressors in the market. We bring you the best small shop air compressors to buy.

At this point, you may pause to ask if you can work without an air compressor? Believe us; you can’t. Almost every mechanical job requires an air compressor. So stop thinking and make a choice! In case you have decided to buy, Keep reading. 

1. Makita Mac100q Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Matika air compressor is almost a noise-free addition to the list of best small shop air compressor. This makes it ideal for a small setting as the noise never goes above 58 decibels. In addition to quietness, it has a low rpm of only 1750, which means a long-lasting motor and durable pump life.

The design is roll-cage which conveniently offers protection to the compressor body during storage and transport. Moreover, it keeps it right and requires less maintenance. The oil-free quality of its dual-piston design further endures zero maintenance needs.

The kicker is, you can have 0.7 CFM with maximum tank pressure between 90 to 135 PSI only with half HP induction motor. Amazing right? The tank has a 1-gallon capacity.

The lightweight and efficiency of the compressor further make it the best companion in a small shop. Furthermore, its portability will make you cherish it even more.

  • Lightweight construction.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Less noisy.
  • Easy tank drain.
  • It has a smaller capacity than some of its competitors.

2. Bostich BTFP02012 air compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Bostich portable air compressor is a durable compressor with a smart design and a stylish outlook. Not only does it oil-freeness makes it an ideal purchase for a small shop but also your life will be easy with a maintenance-free device.

Its tank size of 6 gallons can take a pressure up to 150 PSI. Quick recovery of the electric compressor and long tool run time is second to Bostich. No other device offers such features.

With a high-efficiency motor, this air compressor not only starts smoothly in the cold weather but also works quietly with less than 78.5 decibels. Also, air couplers allow two people to use the device simultaneously.

It weighs 29 pounds, so it is quite easy to move it around during work. The extension cord is an added accessory in the package.

Lastly, the high flow regulator not only improves motor performance but helps in managing and regulating air pressure.

  • Cheaper than some market competitors.
  • Compact.
  • Oil-free.
  • Long-lasting.
  • A bit noisy.

3. California Air tools air compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Looking for an ultra-efficient, ultra-quiet air compressor? Look no further. California air tools offer exactly what you need. With noise levels as minimum as 60 decibels, you can enjoy a noise-free work environment. No need for lubrication means it is also your budget-friendly product.

Its aluminum tank holds up to 2 gallons of air. The presence of an aluminum tank means there will be no rusting and hence increased durability of your compressor. The efficient motor whose power is between half to 2 HP makes your work quicker. Furthermore, the pressure varies between 30 to 90, with a maximum of 3.10 CFM. Buy the best compressors for roofing before they sell out.

The material composition is high quality with the presence of overheating protection feature. It ensures no hazards occur during your work hours. These features make it the best small shop air compressor overall.

  • High-quality material.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Overheating protection is present.
  • Perfect for small settings.
  • Low pressure.

4. DEWALT Air Compressor Combo Kit

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

DeWalt offers a two in one air compressor. Not only is it a compressor but a nailer. Its oil-free motor is sure that it is long-lasting, whereas the nailer ensures the convenient removal of 18 gauge nails.

The construction is smart, with a rear exhaust that helps avoid contamination. It is also lightweight and highly portable.  The nose tip and adjust belt features are also present to facilitate the user.

With a 90PSI pump, 2.6 CFM generation and 6 gallons capacity, it works well within closed settings. The maximum pressure is 165 PSI, along with fast recovery and runtime.

To top that all, the oil-free pump means no additional maintenance costs, and the noise level is also reasonable, not too high. Air couplers also help two users use it for two different functions. The accessories in the package are also reasonably good.

  • High capacity.
  • High-pressure ability.
  • Air hose, fasteners and manual are included in the package.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The tank needs refilling after a short time.

5. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Craftsman boasts the production of this exceptional portable air compressor. With the small setting capacity of 6 gallons, the presence of an oil-free pump and other high-quality components only means one thing: low maintenance. This, by extension, means no additional costs and high durability. Win-win.

The pressure can be maximized to 150 PSI which is higher than most of the market competitors. It can be used for multiple functions. The recovery time is also quick, i.e. 2.6 SCFM at a pressure of 90 PSI.

The motor is also a high-performance component that ensures quick work is done. The package also includes over seven accessory items. You can check our detailed article best home shop air compressors.

The compressor is user-friendly, and the air couplers help assist two functions at the same time. And the best part, all this with a compact design and reasonable price.

  • Compact.
  • Portable.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Attractive to look at.
  • The safety control valve is delicate.

6. Metabo HPT “THE TANK” Pancake Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

If you intend to buy a high-pressure air compressor, Metabo should be your choice. With a similar design to other high-level compressors, it provides 25% additional pressure and almost 40% more airflow. This increases work efficiency.

As it is a multifunctional device that allows different types of nailing. From roofing to siding, it does it all, that too with minimal noise.

What makes it even more perfect for a small shop is its lightweight and portability. It is hardly 41 pounds which is nothing compared to other small shop air compressor.

The sturdy metal tank can bear anything, and still, it lasts long. The other long-lasting feature is the absence of the need for external lubrication. Even if it is a bit pricey, the features make it worth every penny.

  • Multifunctional.
  • Highly durable.
  • More airflow than other compressors.
  • Lightweight hence easy to move around.
  • Very expensive.

7. Campbell Hausfeld 6 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Campbell is a lifesaver when it comes to long-lasting air compressors. Not only the motor but also other components are made to last almost four times longer than other small shop air compressor.

The efficiency levels are high, but at the same time, the noise levels remain low at 68 decibels. This means while operating; the device creates 50% less noise.

This multipurpose air compressor works maintenance-free with a superior and powerful motor. The tank size can accommodate up to 6 gallons and is ideal for indoor or outdoor settings.
With an air pressure regulator to maintain and monitor the pressure, it can maximize up to 120 PSI. All this, coupled with high-quality composition, makes it one of the best small shop air compressor.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Convenient to monitor air pressure by the regulator.
  • Massive tank capacity.
  • Sturdy composition.
  • Paint on the container may rub off.

8. WEN 2289 10-Gallon Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Everyone needs a high-capacity air compressor to increase their work pace. Luckily, WEN offers a multipurpose air compressor with a capacity of 10 gallons!! Surprising right? The smart design allows this in addition to 150 psi air pressure. The flow rates are also higher than other compressors at 4 CFM.

What else? The compressor requires no extern oiling; this becomes lighter on your pocket. It also increases the lifespan manifold. 

Among other mentionable features is its drain valve. It simply and quickly drains out contaminants produced during nailing. Also, there are half-inch NPT coupler and two coupler gauges that allow smooth running of two functions all at the same time.

Lastly, it is a user-friendly air compressor that has a strong handle and wheels for smooth and convenient movement in job sites.

  • Maximum tank capacity.
  • Smart design.
  • No external lubricant is needed for smooth functioning.
  • User-friendly.
  • Noisy.

9. Gast DOA-P701-AA Oilless Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

Perfect for light-duty functions, Gast oil-less air compressor is not only an air compressor but a diaphragm compressor as well. The oil-less feature in its name clearly indicates that it is low maintenance, a high-performance air compressor that you have been looking for.

Interestingly, it provides cool air. This is constant even if the pressure is maximum. This feature protects the compressor from overheating.

Furthermore, the compressor is lightweight, durable and energy-efficient. Even if it is expensive, the features are totally worth the price.

  • Multi-purpose.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adequate air capacity.
  • Stylish outlook.
  • Pricey.

10. Stealth Small Shop Air Compressor

10 Best Small Shop Air Compressors To Buy Before They Run Out!

The multipurpose air compressor with the proper functioning of the tire inflator is just the device every small mechanic shop needs. It is two in one with a powerful motor, strong composition and structure and power pressure up to 120 PSI. This is just amazing.

Moreover, it is perfect for a variety of functions as well as a variety of vehicles. The digital regulator, LED lights for monitoring as well as the four different nozzles not only prove smooth and efficient at your worksite but also reduce your work hours by quick performance.

It is portable and almost weightless, which means you can even travel with it knowing you never have to worry about a flat tire again. Bravo!

  • Inexpensive.
  • High-quality composition.
  • An additional bag was added to the package.
  • Digital display for accurate monitoring.
  • The electric cord is too lengthy.

Buying Guide For The Best Small Shop Air Compressor

If you are reading this, you have probably already chosen your dream air compressor. But not so fast. There are a couple of things you ought to know before you jump into buying. Let’s start:


You need an air compressor that consumes minimal horsepower but not too less that it can’t take a heavy load. Usually, the horsepower can be determined by asking your seller how much electricity it consumes. 


You need an air compressor that has a long-lasting life. This usually happens when you buy an air compressor with an oil-free pump and a tank that is made of rust-free material. Ensuring these two things in your desired air compressor will save you a lot of time and money.

Tank size

The tank size should be big enough that you can easily work at one job at least. If it is too small or too big, you will waste time either refilling it or simply bringing it to the full.

Oil or oil-less

This is crucial to note. Oil-less air compressors don’t need external lubricants and hence function smoothly on their own. This saves on maintenance and other costs and also makes working with an air compressor hassle-free. So always opt for an oil-less air compressor.


Pricing is very important. You have to think about whether it is a one-time investment or whether you can afford to have an air compressor every few months. Even then, that would be silly. Buy a high-quality air compressor once. It won’t come cheap, but it will save your maintenance and lubrication costs for many years to come. Now that is a smart move!

Make sure you choose the one that suits your shop and your budget. Don’t follow the trends; rather, follow your heart.


After reading 10 Best Small Shop Air Compressor, it is time to make a decision. Either you can go with what is famous in the market, or you can make the right decision after the knowledge you have gained today. Only you can tell which decision is right? From our side, it’s a wrap.

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