10 Best Watches For Men Under $100 – A detailed Reviews

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In an innovative era where everyone has smart gadgets with displayed time, spending big bucks for getting a wristwatch would be nothing more than an imprudent act. Still, if you are fond of timepieces, then by leaving the taboo of well-reputed brands behind, you can get one of the best watches for men under $100. Yes, you heard that right. Even the cheaper brands are giving out awe-inspiring products with striking features as those by expensive brands.

So, let’s be a wise man and get yourself a room to change your wrist watches again and again instead of getting a single expensive watch for years. These ten timepieces we will cover down here have almost everything an ideal wristwatch should have, like an attractive outlook, water-proof body, and whatnot. Still, each of them is below $10; what else do you want to listen to?

Just continue reading and find your desired wristwatch from our list.

1. Victorinox Men’s 249087

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

Victorinox Swiss-made timepiece stands at the top of our list of best watches for men under $100 because of its meager price and advanced quality features.  Swiss-made means that you are getting a guarantee of the smooth run of the Swiss quartz movement, and it will never disappoint you in any means.

Have a look at the precision and reliability; you will get the dial covered in the mineral crystal to assure decency with durability. And as a whole, a 43 mm case with a nylon fiber strap is there to make sure that your watch is safe from scratches and wears and stays with you for a longer time.

A white dial background  cv4is there to make your readability easier, and for the dim conditions, effective luminosity is added to the numbers. Along with its royal look, it is also a water-proof watch, so you don’t need to worry about the water splashes on the dial.    

  • Stylish outlook
  • Water-resistant
  • Luminous numbers
  • The display gets foggy in moist conditions

2. SEIKO Men’s SNK809 SEIKO 5

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

Just upon reading the name Seiko, one can tell that it must be the thing to buy. This one is an entry-level automatic watch that comes at a reasonable price. Based on its longevity and the perfect construction with zero doubts, we can declare it as one of the best watches for men under $100.   

It may look simple, but when we look at its features, it is a beast. It comes with a 7s26 caliber and stays intact for more than 40 hours straight. A three-hand automatic movement is there to amaze you with a day-date window as well. LumiBrite lime is added to the hands so that it will work for you even in the dark. Best laser light combo under $100 reviews and buying guide, you will love it.

Stainless steel elegant construction impacts the viewer at first glance, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a robust product; it can bear a rough and tough usage. Overall it is a universal Seiko creation, but the low water resistance may be problematic in moist conditions. 

  • Universal watch
  • Automatic movement
  • Lumibrite lume
  • Low water resistance

3. Orient ‘2nd Gen Bambino Version III

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

The next watch to enter our list of the best watches for men under $100 is Orient 2nd generation watch with enough calibers to beat others in competition. The domed mineral glass dial covering will give you a smooth yet elegant touch of your orient timepiece every time you wear it.

With the Japanese automatic movement, you never have to worry about the batteries of this automatic watch, as it is wholly dependent on light. The 40.5 case diameter means it will give you a velvety feel while wearing it all day long. And the black leather strap is added so that it can go with every decent outfit.

Superior of all is the water-proof nature that lets you wear it in every condition without worrying about splashes and water immersion. So what’s stopping you from getting this masterpiece?

  • Ideal case size
  • Water-resistant dial
  • Black trendy straps
  • Not suitable for swimming

4. Citizen Men’s BM8242-08A Eco-Drive Gold-Tone Leather Watch

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

Are you looking for a masterpiece in the range of the best watches for men under $100? Then let us bring in a superior quality product. Citizen men’s watch is a fully automatic watch that runs on light and doesn’t rely on additional batteries. Energy reserved system ensures to keep it charged for more than six months.

Quartz crystal construction makes it a watch that has precision and convenience at the same spot. It’s not only is a handy timepiece but comes with a robust and sturdy dial and case at such a reasonable price. All thanks to its gold-tone steel case that makes it a classy watch to compliment your every single outfit.

A mineral-covered face that not only has precise numbers but has a day-date window as well makes time watching easier. Now you don’t have to take off your watch while swimming and showering because it is a water-resistant watch with a well-built body and straps. 

  • Water-proof
  • Golden stylish dial
  • Solar-powered watch
  • Leather may come scrapped

5. Casio Men’s G-Shock XL Series Quartz Watch

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

Casio will always amaze you by providing innovative and brand-new models of sturdy and stylish wristwatches. This watch will always make your dreams come true. It is a sports watch with a 200-meter water resistance that promises to keep your watch’s machinery safe even when taking a hot bath or swimming with your wristwatch.  

Another exciting fact about this outclass watch is its G-shock construction, which states that it is one of the best watches for men under $100. Now you don’t have to worry about the long-distance falls of your watch while camping or climbing mountains because the gravitational shock protection will never let it break or get affected. You can also use it as an alarm clock with its six daily ringing alarms.

Nevertheless, it stands on the top of the list of robust watches not only because of its bold look but also for its perfect fit and leading-edge styling. Carry it with every outfit and get a bucket full of compliments about your fashion sense.

  • Universal wristwatch
  • G shock construction
  • Easy fit watch
  • Less effective illuminator

6. Timex Men’s Weekender 40mm Watch

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

If you want to complete your outlook, then the only addition you need is this classic Timex watch. It comes with a stylish steel casing that makes it a long-lasting and smooth textured wristwatch of all time.  It marks a dominant spot in the list of the best watches for men under $100 due to its beautiful dial with three-hand movement. Also, a good quality nightlight is there to allow you easy reading in dark conditions as well. 

With the perfect case dimensions and leather strap closure, it steals the show and becomes the most easy-going wristwatch for gents and ladies as well. Up to 10 years of battery life means you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all. 

Thirty meters of water resistance, brass case, and mineral glass covering make it a sturdy and long-run wristwatch. Getting all of these features combined with outstanding construction at such a reasonable price with be an absolute treat for everyone.

  • Sleek design
  • Cab be used as a unisex watch
  • A decent price range
  • The strap is comparatively thin

7. Fossil Men’s Decker Quartz Chronograph Watch

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

Fossil Men’s watch is a sparkling product in the world of best watches for men under $100. It is enriched with creativity and ingenuity. Its outstanding construction makes it a fun and accessible watch with a perfect design with the ability to catch the spotlight. It also stands at the top in case of the versatility that it got from aviation inspiration.

44 mm case size combined with a 22mm strap makes a wristwatch with perfect fit on your hand. Crystal hardened face makes it a scratch-proof watch. Plus, when it comes to water resistance, it is a 330 feet water-resistant watch and is suitable for swimming, bathing, and snorkeling as well.

Let us tell you the thing that will excite you; you have an opportunity to customize your watch by getting complimentary engravings at the nearest fossil store. Just close your eyes and treat yourself to this masterpiece.  

  • Accurate case and strap dimensions
  • Water-resistant
  • A versatile watch
  • It does not glow in the dark

8. SEIKO Men’s SNDC33 Classic Black Leather

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

If you are fond of style and innovation but are short on budget, then no need to worry because here is the top-rated product of the list of the best watches for men under $100. Let us make ourselves clearer. Seiko men SNDC33 is here at your service with its innovative and classy design that includes a round dial with three sub chronograph dials.

A 44 mm dial that covers both the hardlex dial window and the sleek bezels makes it an ideal size watch. It is more than 100 mm water-resistant and has a black calfskin strap. This means you can use it in wet conditions with zero worries about running the machinery or strap texture. 

The quartz mechanism is there to power and moves three hands and chronograph system. A full white dial background with Arabic numbers means you can read time with complete accuracy. Overall, it is an innovative production by Seiko, and you need to give it a try. 

  • Hardlex dial window
  • Water splash safe
  • Chronograph system
  • Chronograph working is quite tricky

9. Casio Watch (Model: GA100-1A1)

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

Believe it or not, this watch is one of the most feature enriched timepieces in our collection of the best watches for men under $100. It is especially recommended for hikers and sports individuals, depending upon its robust G-shock construction. It may look a little bulky with a 51mm case but can withstand all sorts of wear and tear.

Some of its remarkable features like 1/1000 chronograph, alarm, and world time are enough to convince you to get this watch at such a reasonable price. Along with this, excellent quality light is also added to help you out in intense dark conditions.

200 mm water resistance capability means you can use it immersed in water and still don’t have to worry about any damage. But keep one thing in mind that it is not the right thing for the one with slim wrists. Also, if you need a simple time-teller, then this is not made for you.

  • Alarm
  • G shockproof
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to read time
  • Quite a bulky dial

10. Casio A168WG-9 Men’s Vintage Gold watch

10 Best Watches For Men Under $100-A detailed Review

What if you remain successful in getting an in-budget vintage watch without spending a lot? This dream can be converted into reality by getting your hands on Casio A168WG-9. It is an imported water-resistant watch with an EL glowing backlight to assist you in reading time in the dark. Other than the reading time, you can also set your daily alarm on this affordable watch.

Its multiple measuring modes, i.e., net time, split time, hourly time signal, 1st-2nd places time, and auto calendar, are contributive to make it a part of the list of the best watches for men under $100. The approximate battery life is more than seven years, which means seven years of carelessness.

Along with its awe-inspiring features, it has the most minimalist weight and has a decent outlook with gold hues. We assure you that you will get attracted to it at very first sight.

  • Light-weighted and a decent watch
  • Multiple measurement modes
  • Water-resistant
  • The dial is a bit hard to read

How to get the best watch for men under $100- A complete buying guide

You don’t need to buy those super fancy watches with the non-existent price tags to bring out your James bond type fashion sense; you just have to spend wisely. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Do a little research on the brands that provide excellent watches at such a reasonable price, and you will get what you are looking for without spending much.

But before choosing any models, keep some crucial points on the top of your priority list. Let us tell you what those features are.  

Price tag

There are hundreds of brands that are producing efficient yet cheap wristwatches with breathtaking designs. So from our side, it is recommended to get your hands on a watch that is a complete package of unique features on buying which you will not come short on budget.

Body and case size

The material used in making the wristwatch and the machinery are defining the weight of your wristwatch. Along with this, the design is also contributive. However, we would say that getting a light weighted and easy feel watch with a smooth dial is a better option for officials. While if you are a sports person, then a shockproof watch with a robust case is better for you.    

Water resistance

The water-resistant watch means you can wear it all long during a rainy day without the worries of water splashes and while swimming as well. A plus point after getting a water-proof wristwatch is that it will stay with you for a more extended period, and there are almost zero chances of water entering and ruining the inner machinery of your watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to buy a cheaper watch?

Yes, it is a just-right idea to invest your money in getting a low-priced watch because it will be as good as any other expensive branded watch will be. So, getting a water-proof watch under $100 will be a perfect idea.

What do we refer to as the serial numbers written on the back of a wristwatch?

The serial numbers engraved on the back of a wristwatch will lead you to the date the watch was manufactured.

What are the types of wristwatch movements?

There are different types of wristwatches on our list. They differ based on their movements, like simple quartz movements, automatic, or solar quartz movements. Each has its modification, and it’s up to you which wristwatch you are choosing.


Here you can see that there is a wide variety of superior class yet economical wristwatches. You just have to shun the expensive brand tag that usually delivers you with the same features as this range of the best watches for men under $100 is providing but demands a colossal amount of money in turn.

However, these watches are enriched with features and have a great outlook but have assured longevity.  The plus point you get with buying a cheap watch is that once you get bored by a single watch, you can get a new one at once without thinking about the money spent on the older one. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and choose one from our list that will be a perfect match for your every outfit.

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