10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids’ Entertainment Reviews

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Looking for something to engage your kids better? Well, who isn’t? Fortunately, our top-of-line researchers’ team has put together the list for the best portable DVD player for kids. End the hassle and just move to the buying phase. But what is so special about a DVD player?

Well, for starters, it is portable. Your kid can exercise even while playing video games or watching movies. Since portable DVD players are great at engaging your kids, you can have plenty of time on your hands to finish those long waiting chores or maybe make an office presentation? Great, isn’t it.

While it is crucial to have a portable DVD player at home, the best part is we are already offering you the list of the best portable DVD players for kids right here, right now. So if you wish to make the right decision, stick till the end!

1. SUNPIN 12.5″ Portable DVD Player for Car and Kids

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Elegantly designed Sunpin portable DVD player for kids is an exquisite device and a must-have for kids. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also has protective screens with dual speakers that just take your breath away. 

The best thing about it is not just portability, but also it can be placed on a car’s headset so that you are all ready for an amazing road trip. The screen can be swiveled and adjusted to any position. It is also huge, almost 12 inches, so your child can view everything clearly without damaging his eyes. 

It supports multiple formats and is not bound to any one region. These include CD, DVD+RW(-RW)DVD, DVD+R(-R), SVCD-R(RW), CD-R(RW), VCD, and whatnot. So it is compatible with multimedia like USBs and SD cards. 
To top that all, it has long-lasting battery life, i.e. up to 5 big hours. This comes with the AC adapter and a car charger, so there is no interruption to the watching fun. Other accessories include mounting straps and remote control. You can resume, play, repeat, rotate, zoom, and so on. It makes Sunpin the best portable DVD player for kids.

  • Supports several formats.
  • Includes multiple accessories.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Strong rechargeable battery.
  • The charging cord length is short.

2. LEXiBOOK Portable DVD Player for Kids

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Lexibook is one of a kind portable DVD player which offers long-term entertainment, be it in any format. Conveniently it is compatible with CD, CDR, CDRW, MP3, and with your DVDR, DVD, VCD, DVDRW, JPEG, and MPEG-4.

Worried about what your kids are watching? No need as this exceptional portable DVD player offers parental control features to maintain your child’s cyber safety. 

Apart from this, the device is trendy and lightweight, and ideal for traveling. The remote control system ensures the control is always in your hands. In addition to this, an AC adapter, a car adapter, a rechargeable battery set, and earphones that you can so easily plugin are added to the package. If you are looking for the best baby Halloween costumes you must buy them.

The affordability is just a cherry on top. Every feature of a high-quality DVD player are 

  • High-resolution LCD.
  • Parental control option.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to position.
  • Remote control buttons are complicated.

3. ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

ieGeek offers the most gorgeous-looking, shiny new portable DVD for kids. It makes your entire DVD player experience magical and offers the best companionship to your child. You can go on relax mode as the screen can be placed on the headrest and can swivel to any angle you want.

The 2500mAH battery conveniently offers long hours, almost five, so your kid faces no interruptions at all. Furthermore, the AC power adapter is provided as a certified and high-quality source. Also, a car charger available at hand will prove great while on the road.

The volume is fairly high with two speakers. Other than this, you can insert 3.5mm earphones to improve your listening experience. In addition to all contemporary formats, it also supports USB and SD cards of 16-32GB. You can even watch a season on it!

Moreover, the eye-protection keeps your child’s eyes safe from any harmful rays. This also reduces eye fatigue.

  • Attachable to the car seat.
  • Eye-protection feature is available.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Offers headphones jack.
  • The loud spinning of discs.

4. Ematic 7″ Portable DVD Player

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Ematic with a 7-inch screen display is a valuable DVD player for kids. A very competitive device, it is perfect for music, DVDs, and pictures. The swiveling screen that swivels to 180 degrees offers high picture quality and excellent sound.

The built-in stereo has top-of-the-line sound quality, with an audio jack and AV output available on the device. Also, it can be attached to your TV  using the AV port. If you are looking for the best night lights for feeding your baby click here?

The portability is attractive but what is more attractive is its 480 by 234 resolution! 

And the best part: it offers headphones in addition to a travel bag in the package. Isn’t that great?

The great colors and matching headphones just make the DVD player a treat to look at for the kids.

  • Available in several colors.
  • Lightweight.
  • The USB port is available.
  • Headphones and a device bag are added accessories.
  • The charging cord is fragile.

5. SUNPIN 11″ Portable DVD Player for Car and Kids

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

This 7-inch screen portable DVD player by Sunpin is a parents’ savior. Not only does its large screen is great, but it also offers brightness adjustment. Nothing against your kid’s comfort at all. You can have the best sound levels with double earphone jacks, but you can actually use two headphones at the same time!

The battery is 2500mAh, which means you need recharging once, and you are okay for the next 5 to 6 hours. These polymer lithium batteries are better in quality and have fewer hazards. The mounting case is present in the package and ensures sturdy support to the device within a moving vehicle. Learn more best bathtubs for five months old.

The last memory function is not its last best thing. Sure it keeps the smooth running of your kid’s favorite show, but you are also offered restarting options. The audio equipment provided in the package is also just awesome and makes Sunpin a memorable companion on road trips.

  • SD card option available.
  • Double speakers.
  • The last memory option allows quick viewing after interruption and plays out smoothly.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Lettering on the DVD player is difficult to read in dim light.

6. Jekero 16.9″ Portable DVD Player

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Get in line with all DVD players as the 16.9-inch Jereko Portable DVD player is in town! The biggest screen with the HD picture quality, Jereko seals the deal for every kid who makes eyes at it. 1280 by 800 pixels high-resolution of this DVD player makes sure you don’t miss out on any scene you are watching. The largeness of the screen and its flexibility of 180 degrees is another added benefit. Tops that all is the 14.1-inch wide display!

The battery of 5000mAh is beyond anything that is offered in the market. It is rechargeable and gives uninterrupted entertainment of 7 hours! You can visit another state while watching your favorite movie and you won’t know it. Other than this, the anti-shock function keeps all videos uninterrupted due to shaking and also protect your inserted disc.

Coupled with two 3 inch speakers, the sound quality is undeniably amazing. Even if you aren’t satisfied with speakers, you could always insert a headset in your very own audio jack. Your child can turn it into gaming mode as all NES games are supported by this portable DVD player.

Compatible with almost all formats regardless of region, it can also accommodate USB and SD cards. Only Blu ray disc is unsupported. But if you have so many other options, why worry about the one you don’t have?

  • Maximum battery life.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Child-friendly.
  • Classy hues.
  • Huge and sleek screen design.
  • Low sound.

7. ieGeek Portable DVD Player 12.5.”

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

There is nothing like a DVD player offered by ieGeek. With three optional charging modes and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, it is just the DVD player every customer wants.

Not just it supports multiple formats, but it also sits well with multimedia and AV cables. The loop recording feature allows you to play your favorite file again in a loop. This saves your time and is a great option for kids as it is simple.

Easy to operate and even easier to control, it is one of the best portable DVD players for kids. Additionally, the resume function makes watching and re-watching complexity-free for children. They will be busy for a long while.

  • Multiple charging modes.
  • The resume option allows minimum time wastage.
  • The subtitle on and off function is also present.
  • It can be put on game mode.
  • Picture quality is average.

8. Generic 12.5″ Portable DVD Player

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Generic is a well-known brand of DVD players. Hence their portable DVD player lives up to high expectations. With a 10.5 inch HD screen that is 1024 by 600, it displays an immensely high-quality resolution. Thanks to its dual speaker technology, it offers crystal clear sound quality.

Large and safe lithium batteries give uninterrupted time till 5 hours. After that, it can be easily charged. The intelligent memory function resumes the video where it was left. Your kids can have it when moving around or while travelling. This will definitely reduce their tantrums.

And you know what the best part is? It can play your favorite movies in any language! That’s right; you can watch international movies of your choice in one place. This also allows your children to learn about foreign cultures.

  • More than one input method.
  • Efficient memory function.
  • Affordable.
  • It can play discs in different languages.
  • A bit pricey.

9. WONNIE 10.5″ Dual Car DVD Player Portable Kids

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Why go elsewhere when Wonnie offers you a dual-screen, portable DVD player at the best rates? The 10.5 inches high-resolution display mesmerizes your child and keeps him hooked to it. Conveniently, you can attach it to your TV by using a DC cable. 

Not only does it offer amazing visuals but also upgradable audio levels. Two built-in speakers allow clear sound and can further be used with headsets. You may just install it at the back of the car seat on mounting straps. The battery lasts from 2-5 hours, giving you uninterrupted joy. It is rechargeable and conveniently be charged with an AC adapter or a car charger.

Compatible with almost all formats, it also boasts breakpoint memory. So you don’t have to worry about losing your video. Win-win deal for your child.

  • Dual screen.
  • It offers two headrest mount straps.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Supports almost all formats.
  • Loading noises are extremely high.

10. DBPOWER 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

10 Best Portable Dvd Players For Kids' Entertainment

Anyone in their right mind cannot say no to this high-capacity built-in battery. The 2500 mAH rechargeable battery ensures smooth TV watching for 5 hours. This can be carried in your car to keep you occupied during long journeys. Amazing right? Moreover, it works with an AC power adapter, car battery charge as well as a power adapter.

Apart from this, it offers multimedia support for multiple formats such as DVD, CD, DVD-R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, etc. Even JPEG is supported, meaning you can view your favorite softcopy albums on the player.

The stylish design incorporates an 800*480 screen. This is adjustable by rotation between 270 to 180 degrees feature. You can easily turn it into tablet mode and watch like a flat-screen in your car. No need for additional speakers as dual speakers provide two portable stereo speakers. Thanks to the earphone jack, you can easily plug in your earphones.
Moreover, the last memory and remote control feature just makes it the best portable DVD player for kids and for you. Have an exceptional experience with a one-year warranty!

  • Great sound quality.
  • Adjustable screen.
  • Shiny and smooth exterior.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Must be handled with immense care to avoid damage.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Portable Dvd Player For Your Kids

Now, as you have a perfect list for the best portable DVD players for kids in town, just one last thing before you jump right into the buying phase, what’s that? The buying guide: factors you must consider before buying any portable DVD player for your kids. Without wasting any time, let’s explore:

Battery life

Any portable DVD player which offers you battery life below 4 hours is non-economical. This is because you will have to recharge it every few hours and that won’t be cheap. So always buy a DVD player that provides maximum watching hours before it needs recharging.

Also, these portable DVD players are great for road trips. So make sure you get a battery that can be charged inside your car. That will keep your kids pretty busy.

Formats it supports

You have to check which formats are supported by your DVD player. Reason? The maximum formats it supports means you can watch maximum movies on it, be it on CDs or DVDs. From the price point, this is great as you will not have to buy separate devices for different formats.


The screen needs attention. You have to have a big size screen so even if it is used as a flat screen all your kids can watch movies together, in peace. Adjustable screens are also great while travelling.


The sound quality can never be comprised over. The reason being the graphics must be accompanied by reasonable sound to actually be called entertainment. Also, kids are often up to some funny business and curious to watch interesting stuff that may or may not be age-appropriate. With adequate sound levels, you can always keep your ears on your child’s activities. 

It is also useful when you are busy with house chores and wish to enjoy the show only by listening.

That’s all on the buying tips for now!


If you have reached here, congratulations! You are now ready to buy your very own portable DVD player. All portable DVD players come with pros and cons. It is for you to decide which feature will work best for you. After reading this, you should be making a start for the DVD player shop. So stop reading and start buying!

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